Preparing for your Motherhood session

What to Wear

Soft flowy dresses, pretty robes, gorgeous textures like lace, chiffon and tulle... anything that you love and that shows of your bump works best!

Have a look through the maternity portfolio on the website for samples of things available to wear. All gowns and bodysuits featured are from the studio wardrobe, and you're welcome to view and try on any as part of your pre-session styling consultation before we begin photographing. Other colours may also be available, depending on gown choice.

Partners & Children

If you've included partner or other children in your session, have them bring along a couple of outfits. One in lighter tones like whites/creams/light neutrals and another outfit in darker tones like black/grey/navy etc.

Try to keep the outfits simple without logos or lots of busy patterns.

Everyone should dress either casually or fancy - Mums in an elegant gown and Dad's rocking up in cargo shorts or ripped jeans just doesn't work together!

Don't forget:

  • If you plan to show some skin, keep your skin moisturised so it's not dry and flaky. A gentle exfoliation is a good idea the day before.
  • Lip balm is Mamma's best friend. Pregnancy can really dry out your lips and no one wants dry cracked lips for photos! For lovely, luscious photo-ready lips, try to remember to balm them regularly in the days leading up to your session
  • Drink plenty of water and have a snack before your session so you have energy!
  • A nude strapless bra is ideal, but it's also handy to bring a black and white underwear sets too for sheer gowns/underwear posing. A nude colour g-string or thong is required if you want to wear studio bodysuits for hygiene.
  • Bring a robe if you have one
  • Please do not wear perfume on the day

Hair & Makeup

If you requested a hair or makeup service, please arrive with a clean, moisturized face and clean, completely dried hair.

I recommend Mum arrives first to be styled and the rest of the family (if joining) arrives when we are ready to begin the photos. There are lots of playgrounds and cafes close by to keep Dad and the kids entertained while they wait.

If you are doing your own hair and makeup, please avoid glossy lipstick and glittery eye shadows. Mattes are best for photo shoots.

Bring lipstick with you for top ups or a change of colour.

Please bring your hairspray to calm down flyaway hairs.

Please remember the finer details!

Skin blemishes can be easily retouched but requests to alter wardrobe, makeup, nails or hair will be sent to an editor to correct and there will be additional charges for's better to get it right in real life than fix it in Photoshop!