Preparing for your Monthly mini session

What to Wear

Choosing colours similar to the backdrop always works well, but any bright and cheerful colour will look adorable.

The studio may have some fun themed accessory options available too your are welcome to use!

Bring along wet wipes for last minute face cleans for the littler ones

It's a good idea to have kids with long hair wearing hair clips, pony tails or headbands so hair doesn't fall in their face.

Please remember the finer details! Skin blemishes can be easily retouched but requests to alter wardrobe, makeup, nails or hair will be sent to an editor to correct and there will be additional charges for's better to get it right in real life than fix it in Photoshop!

the day of the session

When it comes to little ones, the happier they are, the smoother the session will run!

Try to make sure your little person has had a good nap (if required) and feed just before the session begins, so they're not tired, cranky or hungry during the session

Happy children = better photos.  


Please be considerate as there may be sessions booked in before or after yours. It is important you arrive on time and ready for your session. If you are more than 10 minutes late, there is not enough time to complete the session and provide a full gallery, and the session will be marked as cancelled.