Preparing for your newborn Deluxe session

what to wear - the family

  • Please have everyone wearing simple and solid white/creams/soft colours OR dark colours like black/greys/bold colours.
  • Avoid too many or contrasting colours if you can help it - everyone should wear similar tones.
  • Tee Shirts, tank tops, long sleeve tops are all fine - just make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in.
  • Remember the studio will be warmed to 23-26 degrees so dress like it's a Wellington summer with layers you can take off.
  • Try to avoid big patterns, stripes, logos on your shirt etc.
  • Bring spare clothes as baby may wee or poop on you!

what to bring with you

  • Baby Wipes
  • Disposable nappies (less bulky than reusable)
  • Soft towels or baby blankets (2-3) - something you don't mind getting pooped or peed on!
  • Nappy change mat (disposables are fine)
  • A pacifier (dummy) – even if you don’t plan on using one later - the soft NICU soothies are the best as they don't leave marks on baby's face.
  • Bottles/milk supplies if required - please bring more than you think you will need!
  • Snacks to keep you going (water will be provided)

Please note: To keep my studio as hygienic as possible, outside props are not permitted in the studio. For more info on this, please see my Studio Hygiene Policy. I have a variety of props, headbands and hats to use during the session.

how to dress baby

  • Please have baby already dressed in a simple outfit that's easy to remove like a button or zip up onesie – nothing that must be pulled over their head to remove as this can wake them up.
  • Ideally baby will wear a disposable nappy for the session as they are less bulky than reusable ones.
  • Bring a white onesie/singlet/romper for awake photos at the end

Preparing Older Siblings

Older children are easier to convince (or bribe!) to behave for photos. But toddlers are very busy and still adjusting to there being a new baby in the home. Many will not want to lay down next to their new sibling so please be prepared for that. You can practice lying them down at home with a baby doll and talk about the photos – it may help it feel less scary on the day. Treats/rewards for cooperation can help.

Please note while older siblings are welcome to be included in the session, they will only be allowed in the studio for the family portion of the session - A family helper will need to drop off/collect the older sibling/s when they are done, to allow Angela full concentration while working with your newborn.

the morning of the session

  • Try to avoid appointments or visitors on the morning of your session so baby is not over stimulated before the session.
  • It really helps if baby has some awake time before the session (baths are great) so that they are ready for a nice big sleep when they arrive.
  • Please give baby a full feed just before you leave the house so they are satisfied and fall into a nice deep sleep. We may offer a top up before the session begins if baby hasn't quite fallen asleep. For your baby's safety, certain poses will not be attempted if baby will not sleep.

Foods to avoid

Breast feeding mums’ please try to avoid eating any spicy or gassy foods, heavy dairy, caffeine & chocolate for the 24 hours before your session to avoid any possible upset tummy for baby.


I will try my very best to get all my typical poses and props that I can during the session but please understand some babies will not want to do certain poses. Posed newborn photos take lots of time and patience. If your baby protests and can’t be soothed, I will move onto the next pose/prop. If a baby doesn't fall into a deep enough sleep certain poses will not be attempted due to safety. Babies who remain awake will need to be wrapped or clothed.

In the very unlikely event that your baby is not able to be soothed or settled at all, you will be asked to return the next week to try again.

Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. There will be time for baby to feed/change as needed.