Preparing for your newborn essentials Session

what to wear - the family

  • Angela's preference is to have everyone wearing simple and solid white/creams/light neutrals to suit the style of lighting for the session. The alternative option that works well is black for the parents (this creates more contrast and mood) Please note Essential Sessions are short and do not allow time for outfit changes so please be dressed and ready to begin upon arrival to make the most of your appointment.
  • Tee Shirts, tank tops, long sleeve tops are all fine - just make sure you wear something you feel comfortable and fits well.
  • If you have body art you want to show off in some of the photos, (and you're not too shy) let Angela know!
  • Try to avoid big patterns, stripes, logos on your clothing etc.
  • Leave your watch off for the photos unless it is of sentimental value and you want to wear for your portraits
  • Please do not wear perfume on the day

how to dress baby

  • If baby is under 5kg at the time of the session, Angela likes to wrap baby for the photos. It's good to dress baby in an outfit that will come off pretty easily without too much fuss.
  • If baby is over 5kg, please dress baby in a simple onesie that matches what the rest of the family is wearing. A onesie with legs is best so you don't see the nappy. If you can't find something that matches, Angela will should have a studio onesie that will fit.
  • Ideally baby will wear a white disposable nappy (avoid the green "Rascal and friends" brand as they can show through white) for the session as they are less bulky than reusable ones.

Preparing Older Siblings

Older children are easier to convince (or bribe!) to behave for photos. But toddlers are very busy and still adjusting to there being a new baby in the home. Many younger siblings (toddlers for example) will not want to pose with their new sibling easily. To have a better chance at success, prepare them before coming to the studio. Talk about how nice it will be to have special photos together. Let them know Angela is a nice lady! It may help it feel less scary on the day. Treats/rewards for cooperation can help.

Please note the studio has equipment which can be knocked over causing injury or damage - Children under 5 years will require an adult to actively supervise while in the studio.

Foods to avoid

Breast feeding mums’ please try to avoid eating any spicy or gassy foods, heavy dairy, caffeine & chocolate for the 24 hours before your session to avoid any possible upset tummy for baby.

6 Week Immunistations

Immunisations can result in an unhappy/grumpy/restless baby which does not make for good photos. Please allow your baby at least 3/4 days to recover from their vaccinations before your portrait session.

Hair & Makeup

If you've booked a hair and makeup service for your session, please be ready for your stylist's arrival with a clean, moisturized face and clean completely dry hair.

If you are doing your own hair and makeup, please avoid high gloss lipstick and glittery eye shadows.

Bring your lipstick with you for top ups, and some hairspray to calm down last minute flyaway hairs.

Please remember the finer details! Hands will be on display when holding your baby so check everyone's nails are clean and polish isn't chipped. Do your roots need touching up before the session? Skin blemishes can be easily retouched but requests to alter wardrobe, makeup, nails or hair will be sent to an editor to correct and there will be additional charges for's better to get it right in real life than fix it in Photoshop!


Please be considerate as there may be sessions booked in before or after yours. It is important you arrive on time and ready for your session. If you are more than 30 minutes late, there is not enough time to complete the session and provide a full gallery, and the session will be marked as a "no-show". The session can be rescheduled, but rebooking fees will apply.