Preparing for your Pet session

the day of the session

When it comes to your pets, the calmer they are, the smoother the session will run.

Please make sure your pet has had a good walk/exercised and toileted before the session begins so they aren't too excited in the studio.

Please bring along any treats that may help your pet to be motivated and focused.

If you or your pet are feeling unwell, you will need to reschedule, so contact Angela as early as possible so we can move the session to when everyone is feeling well again.

Please be on time

Please be considerate as there may be sessions booked in before or after yours. It is important you arrive on time and ready for your session. If you are more than 30 minutes late, there is not enough time to complete the session and provide a full gallery, and the session will be marked as a "no-show". The session can be rescheduled, but rebooking fees will apply.